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Essential Oils are one of the best gifts from Nature to Human beings. Today where the world is moving towards Organics, Naturals products, Ayurveda, and reducing the use of Synthetic materials in their lifestyles. The consumer mindset is more focusing on Natural products as now health & environmental safety is a top priority concern not only for every nation but also for individuals especially post COVID pandemic. Recently we all witnessed how consumers pay attention to Labels of FMCG products. In this scenario, we have seen several MNC companies coming up with Natural ingredient Label claims or Labels with Ayurvedic Ingredients and so on just to gain the attention of consumers.Essential Oils are widely used in Oral care, Personal Care, Aromatherapy, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Ayurveda products, Beverages, the F&F industry, and many other segments. US & European countries are having strong

To give it a start, it might sound weird that is it that important to always smell good or put on a fragrance for boosting up your confidence. But fragrance is just like any other important accessory to your outfit. The fragrance could be the most profound way of revealing a little bit about your hidden and deepest thoughts and your character. Fragrance really plays an important and huge role in how you are feeling about the person and how that person feels about you. People can judge your personality with the type of fragrance you wear.When a person smells good, it is one of the good sign of his personality,  and one of the reasons for being attracted to. So, is it really true that fragrances help in boosting up your confidence?  Well, the science behind this can be is that your olfactory system i.e. your