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Essential Oils & Market – Authenticity Check?

Essential Oils are one of the best gifts from Nature to Human beings. Today where the world is moving towards Organics, Naturals products, Ayurveda, and reducing the use of Synthetic materials in their lifestyles. The consumer mindset is more focusing on Natural products as now health & environmental safety is a top priority concern not only for every nation but also for individuals especially post COVID pandemic. Recently we all witnessed how consumers pay attention to Labels of FMCG products. In this scenario, we have seen several MNC companies coming up with Natural ingredient Label claims or Labels with Ayurvedic Ingredients and so on just to gain the attention of consumers.

Essential Oils are widely used in Oral care, Personal Care, Aromatherapy, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Ayurveda products, Beverages, the F&F industry, and many other segments. US & European countries are having strong regulations & quality consciousness on Essential Oils to use in different segments but on the other side economies like India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Indonesia, and other Asian countries who have a huge demand for Essential Oils doesn’t have strong regulations over Essential Oils to check the authenticity of Natural Oils. This leads to adulteration, wrong claims of Natural Oils in the market. As per our experience in the market like India, we find there are a number of reasons which leads to adulteration of synthetic material in Natural Oils as –

1. Cost-conscious market as a large group of consumers can’t afford products made with Natural Essential oils as they might be expensive compared to Synthetic ingredients.

2. Testing Capabilities are not so strong to identify adulteration of synthetic components.

3. Lack of Reference standard availability in industries to comply material with Natural Standards.

4. Authentic & traceable sourcing is again one of the reasons behind adulteration.

In our 28 years of legacy, we have touched every corner of the world and have friends in all zones of the world. We have witnessed distillations and processing, and with our state-of-the-art capabilities, we are sure of what we are providing to our customers & society.

Your comments are most welcome. we will come back to you with our next blog on Essential oils soon.

A blog initiated by essential oil department and written by-: Vishal Agarwal

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