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Capsopearl Nat, Flavour Type Ginger

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Capsopearl Nat, Flavour Type Ginger




Full flavour at the right time: Our proprietary CAPSOPEARLĀ® flavour granules are produced in the form of high-quality pearls. The flavour is only released when they contact water. As a result of their extremely long shelf life and high solubility in hot and cold liquids, these granules are very well suited for flavouring fine-cut tea, tea blends, coffee and instant beverages. CAPSOPEARLĀ® flavour granules are distinguished by high mechanical stability and excellent flowing properties, allowing them to be optimally processed. We produce CAPSOPEARLĀ® flavour granules for our customers in all conceivable flavour varieties, from bergamot to spearmint, from natural pear to wild berry.

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