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Orange Oil

Orange Oil

There are different benefits of essential oils, Wouldn’t you love oil that truly and purely calms you down? That is exactly what our highly potent orange essential oil does. With its citrusy aroma, it offers a host of benefits to the user. The most popular benefit that the orange oil offers its users is the calming, relaxing and soothing effect it extends. Just a few drops of orange oil into the aroma diffuser and you will feel your nerves calm down with each inhalation, use of essential oils in diffuser is the most common use nowadays. The perfect addition to your essential oils selection that you can put on after a day of stressful work toiling. It actually is known for calming down and reducing the heart rate as well. Often known for the ‘Happy’ feeling it emanates, this oil brings out all the right kind of neural connections that keeps you feel glee and happy. If your room craves a much-needed punch of orangey citrusy freshness and rawness then the orange oil is the one. In fact, some of the other benefits that the orange oil offers include anti-cancer properties, antimicrobial benefits and more.




Botanical Name : Citrus sinensis

Origin :  Brazil, USA

CAS No. : 8008-57-9

EINECS : 232-433-8



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