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• 100% pure & Natural Piperita Oil.
• KOSHER available.
• 100% Natural Guaranteed.
• Conforms to USP/EP/BP standards.
• Rectified grades to fit customer specifications are available.

Yakima is the name for the river valley in Washington State in which this Peppermint oil is grown, and this variety is one of the most common grades of peppermint oil produced in the United States. Experience the exceptional Norex American Peppermint Oil – a true embodiment of freshness and quality. 

The distinct aroma of peppermint fills the air as you open the bottle, transporting you to a world of invigoration and vitality. Immerse yourself in the cooling sensation and robust flavor that this premium oil brings to both culinary creations and aromatic experiences.

Whether used to enliven beverages, elevate desserts, or infuse a calming ambience through aromatherapy, Norex American Peppermint Oil stands as a testament to excellence. Its versatility and potency make it an essential addition to any kitchen or wellness routine. Unleash the essence of authentic peppermint with Norex and relish the revitalizing touch that this oil brings to every aspect of your senses and culinary endeavours.

CAS No : 8006-90-4
EINECS : 616-900-7
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