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The world of fragrances is much less limited than its counterpart. The possibilities of creating the fragrances are limitless. Norex uses this key aspect to achieve the highest level of creativity to exceed the expectations of our customers. We strive to know our customers with fragrances inspired by nature itself. Our main goal is to make every person's life full of fragrances! The result is a wide and varied portfolio of fragrances. We offer fragrances for home care, body care, air care, and fine fragrances, and pharmaceutical products. The fine selection of technologies and ingredients, based on user understanding allows us to create fragrances that are used and loved by billions of consumers around the world. Our quality, regulatory and safety experts ensure that all fragrances are the very best.

Norex is the manufacturer and supplier of world-class multipurpose fragrances which are used to make air fresheners and diffusers suitable for any type of environment. When fragrance is mixed with products like cosmetics, personal care, cosmetics, clothing care, skin, perfume, and hair care, a good fragrance calms your mood because the smell has a direct connection with your brain. A key ingredient in many products, fragrance elevates the senses by offering a soothing feeling of freshness and ease in the environment. 

Fine Fragrances


Inventing Fragrances for Tomorrow across the globe.

We constantly meet the most common consumer needs - long-lasting and, of course, delightful fragrances. Already recognized for our fragrance delivery technology, we are also becoming strong competitors in the areas of body care, hair, and air care. Determination is our most important quality and we do not stop being creative. To expand our range of products, we are looking for unique technologies that have been developed by our R&D teams and external innovation partners.

  • - Eau De Toilette
  • - Eau De Parfum
  • - Attar
  • - Roll On
  • - Deodrant & Body Perfume

Personal Care


Our team of professionals creates memorable moments for all users. We are turning your regular personal care experience into something extraordinary. Every product we create reflects our experience and love of what we do. Consumers are at the heart of our Norex creations. We are constantly analyzing and updating our knowledge based on fragrance habits, consumer needs, and preferences. Norex quality control procedures ensure that all personal care products are safe to use. What we create allows brands to deliver products that are best for their consumers.

  • - Soaps & Shower gels
  • - Cream & Lotions
  • - Hair oil, Shampoo & Conditioners
  • - Body & Hair Serums
  • - Natural Cosmetics

Air Care


Every fragrance we create for the Air Care segment is based on the collaboration of our passion, changing consumer preferences, and contemporary technology. The selection of magical ingredients and a sustainable economic model enable us to keep climbing up the success tables by recognizing new olfactory trends. Keeping customer well-being at the center, our perfumes work in conjunction with market analysts, R&D teams, and technology experts to create products that become instantly popular.

  • - Incense Sticks & Dhoop Cones
  • - Candles
  • - Diffusers
  • - Air Fresheners
  • - Car Fresheners

Home Care


Fragrances are used in many home care products, such as detergents, soaps, air fresheners, and more. At Norex, we incorporate our technical expertise and innovative approach for the development of fragrances that have a changing impact on home care products. Our absolute goal is to offer a fragrance that gives your home an amazing aromatic sensation all day long.

  • - Floor Cleaner
  • - Glass Cleaner
  • - Phenyl
  • - Handwash
  • - Dishwash Bar
  • - Liquid Dishwash

Men’s Grooming


Now the era of men for “BEG, BORROW OR STEAL from their girlfriends, wives, or sisters has already gone. Men are really concerned about how they smell and how they look. At Norex, the possibilities for creating fragrances are limitless When it comes to men’s grooming, we have a wide range of fragrances for this application. These authentic fragrances will keep you feeling refreshed throughout the day. We offer a wide range of fragrances for Men’s grooming applications like

  • - Shaving foams & gels.
  • - Beard care.
  • - Facewash, shampoos & Lotions
  • - Beard growth oils

Hair Care


Every day at Norex, we strive to improve the lives of consumers around the world by giving them the finest fragrances for every occasion. Every customer is important to us. With an impeccable commitment to our customers, we offer them only the best hair care fragrances. Norex believes in creating a hair care fragrance that ensures that customers are satisfied with the product from the first use to the last. 

  • - Hair oil
  • - Shampoo & Conditioners
  • - Hair Serums
  • - Hair Spa

Fabric Care


What makes us feel more confident about the clothes we wear, yes, it’s the fragrance that develops more confidence in us. Nicely scented clothes really have a very strong positive impact on us. With the right balance of creativity, technical expertise, and ingredient array, our R&D has been able to create perfumes that are deeply rooted and go well in all fabric care applications like

  • Detergent Powder
  • - Liquid Detergent
  • - Detergent Cake
  • - Fabric Softener

Baby Care


Delightful fragrances really help in enhancing and improve the mood of babies. Fragrances in baby care products give calmness and amp up the mood of babies, it enhances the bond between parents and baby too.

We at Norex understand what makes fragrance safe and gentle for your little one and our creations will give the perfect combo of aroma and assured safety for baby care products like

  • - Baby Body Wash
  • - Baby Body Wash
  • - Baby Shampoo
  • - Wet Wipes
  • - Baby Massage Oil

Car Care


Good Fragrance in cars creates a good driving experience. Just a whiff of authentic fragrance notes and the entire confines of the car can feel uplifting and relaxed. Great smells are a form of self-expression. They indicate the identity of the world. Therefore, to make a good impression, In the Car care product category, we offer delightful fragrances that help brands to give an aroma that really enhances the aroma of car care products like

  • - Car Wash Shampoo
  • - Car Gel
  • - Car Polish
  • - Car Cleaner
  • - Car Freshener
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