Menthyl Acetate

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• Source : Ex 100% pure & Natural Mentha Arvensis.
• Purity: Min 99.00% by GC
• KOSHER available.
• 100% Natural Guaranteed

Norex Methyl Acetate stands as a versatile chemical compound renowned for its diverse applications. With its distinctive fruity aroma and solvent properties, this compound finds utility across various industries. Methyl acetate, a key component of Norex's product, serves as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional solvents due to its low toxicity and rapid evaporation rate. Industries ranging from coatings and adhesives to pharmaceuticals and fragrances leverage its solvent power for formulations that demand efficiency and reduced environmental impact. Notably, methyl acetate's ester variant, menthyl acetate, plays a pivotal role in the creation of minty and fruity fragrances, enriching perfumes, and personal care products with its distinct character. Norex's commitment to quality ensures that their Methyl Acetate product maintains the highest standards, offering a safe and effective solution for a spectrum of industrial and creative needs.

CAS No : 2623-23-6
EINECS : 220-076-0
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