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• Source : Ex 100% pure & Natural Mentha Arvensis.
• Purity: Min 99.00% by GC
• KOSHER available.
• 100% Natural Guaranteed

Norex Mint Terpenes offer a captivating sensory experience, harnessing the pure essence of mint in its finest form. These terpenes, derived from natural botanical sources, encapsulate the invigorating and cool essence of mint flavours, delivering a burst of freshness in every encounter. With Norex's advanced extraction process, the distinctive mint terpene profile remains unadulterated, ensuring an authentic and delightful flavour encounter. The mint terpenes lend themselves to a myriad of applications, from enhancing culinary creations with their crisp and revitalizing notes to infusing products with a natural minty aroma. Norex Mint Terpenes bring the garden-fresh goodness of mint directly to your creations, promising an unparalleled olfactory and gustatory journey that harmonizes the senses and evokes the true essence of mint in its terpene-rich glory.

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